Vulcan Materials Company Welcomes Neighbors and Community Leaders for Vulcan Chula Vista Community Day

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November 3, 2023

Vulcan Materials Company Welcomes Neighbors and Community Leaders for Vulcan Chula Vista Quarry Community Day

CHULA VISTA, Ca., November 3, 2023 — On October 28, Vulcan Materials Company (Vulcan) hosted a 2023 Community Day at its Vulcan Chula Vista Quarry. For nearly 100 years, the Vulcan Chula Vista Quarry has been providing locally produced high-quality infrastructure materials to Chula Vista and San Diego County. Sand, stone, and gravel from the Vulcan Chula Vista Quarry builds the region’s homes, schools, hospitals, parks, roads, sidewalks, bike paths, and more.

Attended by residents of the Chula Vista Côta Vera and Escaya communities, the Community Day was an opportunity for community members to meet the Vulcan Chula Vista Quarry team, learn about Quarry operations, and enjoy free activities, food trucks, and raffle.

Community Day attendees were able to take guided tours of the Vulcan Chula Vista Quarry and hear from subject matter experts on topics including safety, geology, blasting, land reclamation, environmental stewardship, and careers.  For every free meal ordered at the event, Vulcan made a donation to the Chula Vista Firefighter’s Foundation, a long-time community partner in the region. The event helped raise a total of $8,000 for the Chula Vista Firefighter’s Foundation to support their disaster relief, fire awareness, and fire safety programming efforts.

” As Chula Vista grows, we are dedicated to proactively engaging with our neighbors, especially in the neighboring Côta Vera and Escaya communities. We want neighbors to see firsthand how we operate, the values we hold, and the practices we have in place to operate in a way that is safe, environmentally sound, and beneficial to our community. We will continue to welcome our neighbors into our ” ˜home’ here at the Vulcan Chula Vista Quarry, and we look forward to continuing this positive, engaged relationship for years to come, ”  said Steve Hallmark, Vulcan Chula Vista Quarry Plant Manager.

Also in attendance were Senator Steve Padilla (D-18), Chula Vista Mayor John McCann, Chula Vista Councilmember Alonso Gonzalez, Chula Vista Chamber of Commerce CEO Marcy Weaver, and the Chula Vista Firefighter’s Foundation.

What Leaders Have to Say:

” Vulcan Materials Company is a longstanding community partner within Chula Vista. I greatly appreciate their transparency and thoughtful community engagement as they provide our region with critical construction materials to keep our economy going, ”  said Senator Steve Padilla (D-San Diego). ” I greatly appreciate their openness and the opportunity to participate in their Community Day. ” 

” Vulcan Materials Company and their Vulcan Chula Vista Quarry team are truly dedicated to engaging with their community in a positive, proactive way, ”  said Chula Vista Mayor John McCann. ” I am proud to see Chula Vista businesses and community members come together. The Vulcan Chula Vista Quarry has provided essential construction and infrastructure materials for our region for nearly 100 years, and we are glad to have them as partners as we continue to grow and thrive. ” 

” Thank you to the Vulcan Chula Vista Quarry for hosting their October 28 Community Day, ”  stated Councilmember Alonso Gonzalez, Chula Vista District 3. ” It was a pleasure to learn about how the Vulcan Chula Vista Quarry ensures safe operations, demonstrating their commitment to environmental responsibility and community collaboration, all in the pursuit of providing top-notch construction materials for Chula Vista projects. ” 

” We are deeply appreciative of Vulcan Chula Vista Quarry’s active participation as a valued member of the Chula Vista business community, ”  said Marcy Weaver, Chula Vista Chamber of Commerce Chief Executive Officer. ” Vulcan Materials Company, along with businesses alike, significantly contribute not only through their economic impact but also through their dedication to engaging with and supporting the diverse Chula Vista community. ” 

” We are proud to be a member of the Chula Vista community, ”  said Barbara Goodrich-Welk, Vulcan Western Division Government & Community Relations Manager. ” Being a good neighbor in our communities is fundamental to how we operate. We were honored to host our Chula Vista neighbors at our Chula Vista Quarry to highlight our commitments to safety, environmental stewardship, and community engagement, as well as our work to provide essential materials for Chula Vista construction and infrastructure projects. ” 

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